On the subject of creativity!


Michelle Monet has asked me many questions for a book she is compiling research on, A book called (Creative People… and What Makes Them Tick) Michellemonet.com    This made me think for just a bit and go digging around my image archive for things I have done that i think of as…

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Spring Equinox time to get your green on!


Its spring in the smokies, well technically march 20 at 12:30 am. Looking back at the last few years spring weddings this year seems to be greening up fast! The early spring trees are in full bloom and I expect to see the dogwoods popping out soon. It you want to…

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A really great couple!


I meet up with this great couple after the wedding for more photos and then back to Buckberry lodge for there reception, here are a few images from today!

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Its almost fall!

Its that time of year here in the Smokys that everyone looks forward to cooler air (I hope) and the trees doing there thing showing there color. the biggest question i get ask is when is the best time for the most color in the trees. the third week in…

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It’s 2015, holly poop on a stick batman!!


  Thinking back on the last 25 plus years that I have been doing Photography Professionally many things have changed and some things are still the same.  Way back after college I worked in High Point NC. at a furniture studio shooting all kinds of sofas etc and other catalog…

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Recap of 2014!!!


well its not new years day… lol its Jan 4 2015 and I finely have time to look back at 2014, at least a few minuets before watching NFL playoff game Cincinnati VS Indiana, as a broncos fan i’m not sure who I want to win! so we can beat them.. But…

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