It’s 2015, holly poop on a stick batman!!


Thinking back on the last 25 plus years that I have been doing Photography Professionally many things have changed and some things are still the same.  Way back after college I worked in High Point NC. at a furniture studio shooting all kinds of sofas etc and other catalog work. learned a lot about lighting back then, them sofas and stuff have lots of sides and angles you got to get light on them just right to show there shape. here are a few shots for way back then shot on 8×10  Fuji transparency film. it was fun using those really big cameras and lots of hot lights. but as for things that are still the same today, knowing how light falls on things and f stops still do the same thing 25 years later! later in my life after moving to Las Vegas those lighting skills were put to the test even more photographing slot machines quite the challenge to get all the different parts put to film, light buttons, shiny chrome case,s crt screens, spinning wheels, lots of parts to those things. catalog work is always about lighting with watches it can be a matter of inches of where to place a reflector! ok enough about remembering the old days.

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